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About Me.

For many years, I have dedicated myself to advocating for my children's educational accommodations. Unfortunately, I faced numerous obstacles and rejections along the way. Due to my lack of understanding about the laws surrounding special education and because I was homeschooling my children, I did not actively pursue the accommodations they needed. Looking back, I deeply regret not acting sooner.


Both of my sons are profoundly gifted and have consistently achieved good grades in school. However, I have always felt that they were struggling. It may seem contradictory to say that my children are performing well academically but something is amiss. However, after consulting with doctors for both of my sons, many of my concerns were validated. Through comprehensive evaluations, I discovered that my children were facing various challenges and required support from the school system. Despite their impressive grades, they had disabilities that significantly impacted their educational experience.


To my dismay, the schools denied my children an Individualized Education Program (I.E.P.) and a 504-plan based on their good grades. The prevailing belief among school authorities seemed to be that high achievers do not require accommodation. This belief was unequivocally incorrect. Moreover, the denial was also influenced by my children's well-behaved demeanor. In school, my sons strived to avoid being labeled as troublemakers, and they exhibited quiet and respectful behavior even though they were struggling. They would unleash the frustration they held in throughout the day at home, where they felt safe. The schools used these factors, along with input from teachers and observations of their performance while on medication, to justify their decisions.


Even though I presented numerous doctor's notes supporting my children's need for accommodations, they were not taken into consideration by the school authorities. Frustrated by the situation, I sought another evaluation and educated myself on the laws surrounding special education. Equipped with newfound knowledge, I composed a written request to the school, explicitly asking for a comprehensive I.E.P. evaluation. I included a copy of the evaluation report from a private doctor, further substantiating my children's needs.


My journey as a parent navigating the complexities of securing appropriate accommodations for my children has been difficult and eye-opening. It has fueled my determination to become a knowledgeable advocate for families facing similar challenges. I aspire to empower parents with the information, resources, and support they need to ensure their children receive the education they deserve.


Please note that my personal experience should not be considered legal advice or a substitute for professional assistance. Every situation is unique, and I encourage you to seek appropriate guidance for your specific circumstances. Together, let us strive for a system where all children receive the support necessary to reach their full potential.


Masters in Legal Studies

Having successfully obtained a Master's in Legal Studies with a specialization in Family and Juvenile Law, along with classes in interviewing and counseling, and mediation and dispute resolution. Spent one semester at the Education Law Clinic, where I gained hands-on exposure to the complexities of educational and children's rights issues.

Bachelors of Science in Business Management

Developed a comprehensive understanding of business principles, analytical and critical thinking skills, and how to manage teams and make informed business decisions effectively.

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